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LEER Technologies is the Northeast US representative for Sarix Micro EDM equipment.

SARIX EDM machines have been engineered to provide practical production solutions for today’s demand for increasingly smaller features and parts.

SARIX EDM machines are micro EDM hole drillers and micro EDM sinkers combined.  They drill holes as small as 10 micron in diameter and as large as 3mm.  High speed drilling of holes up to 100:1 depth to diameter ratio and surface finishes as low as 0.05micron Ra can be achieved.  The machines can be used as multi axis CNC sinkers and now can be used as a micro EDM mill to machine the most complex small features.

The standard SX-100 & 200 three axis machines are compact and highly versatile machines offered with many options including A, B and C axis rotary positioning, extended Z axis travel and both oil and water dielectric systems.  Rotary spindles are available which allow for high pressure flushing of tube electrodes and for automatic electrode wear compensation.  The machines can be equipped to customize them for applications as diversified as EDM milling of micro molds and as production turbine blade and vane cooling hole drilling equipment.  Twin spindle and dual head versions further extend their versatility.  The SX-DUAL , for example, can be equipped with a  micro EDM head and a high speed conventional milling head.  This twin process capability allows for considerably reduced cycle times in micro milling applications.

The Sarix MACHLine machines  are larger and offer the possibility of applying Sarix EDM technology to larger parts.  They can provide a twin head platform that can be used to combine different processes such as micro EDM and high speed milling or laser ablation and micro EDM.

LEER can demonstrate SARIX EDM machines and accessories, run your test trials or even undertake production runs of your parts.

For more information visit:  www.Sarix.com

To purchase, please contact us at 1 877 292-7719 or e-mail: Peterp@leertech.com



3D Micro EDM Milling

* NEW - 3D Multi-Axis Micro EDM Milling
* Evolutive multi axis CNC controller
* High precision Micro EDM drilling
* Micro sinking with high surface finishing
* High speed Micro EDM drilling

Work Table 510 x 270mm
X, Y, Z travels: 250 x 150 x 150mm


SX-MMI, "On-board", easy and user friendly unlimited programming and editing software.

The high performance SARIX Micro Pulse Shape EDM generator SX-MPS, with its associated Technology opens up new opportunities for smaller, deeper and more precise perfect holes.

Micro EDMing machining technology with solid and tube electrode from 45 Microns to 3.0 mm.

Micro Holes, high Precision Micro holes and shape holes down to 20 Microns
High surface finishing capability down to Ra 0.1 and Ra 0.05 with the Micro
Fine Pulse Shape generator SX-MFPS.

High precision positioning accuracy up to ±1 Micron.

Automatic axis positioning control with depth control.

High precision Automatic electrode refeeding spindle with dielectric or air clamping control for continuous production.

3D Micro EDM Milling

* NEW - 3D Multi-Axis Micro EDM Milling
* Evolutive Multi-axis CNC Controller
* Micro EDM drilling for larger work pieces
* Micro sinking for larger workpieces
* "High productivity capability concept"

Work Table 700 x 300mm
X, Y, Z travels: 350 x 200 x 200mm

Combination Micro EDM milling & high speed micro milling

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